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Elies Residences



Area of buildings

315 sqm

Area of plot

10500 sqm





Elies Residences

Complex of luxury homes Elies Residences

In Neapolis, Mytilene, on an olive farm of 10.5 acres, it was built a complex of three residential buildings, similar in shell, whose arrangement creates an open "embrace" in the pool area. Adjacent volumes adapt perfectly to its natural curves plot, at a lower level than that of the entrance and slightly different from each other, so that they are not displayed with "brazenness" on the street. Access to the plot is from a municipal road with accesses from east and south. The first two buildings consist of two apartments, while the third one is a single residence - suite. The guiding design principle was the integration of the buildings into the natural landscape and the transformation of the morphological elements of the lesbian rural of architecture, so that a modern architectural language is created adapted to the operational needs of the unit. The complex "rests" softly on the landscape, while also offering absolute privacy for the residents of the houses, with the simultaneous possibility of access in the common areas and the pool. The visitor upon entering the plot, after the organized space parking, follows the specially designed pedestrian walkways through olive groves and low planting and ends with shaping steps in some from the apartments that are located low. The morphology of the buildings on the one hand "converses" with the overgrown olive grove and the natural environment with their forms and the use of friendly materials and on the other hand it contains elements of a new, minimalist aesthetic. External, all-stone buildings of "local" gray damaropetra with rooms and roof sections with gray tiles. Gray frames aluminum over stone plinths, wooden pergolas over plastered columns on the terraces. The floors of the terraces were paved with local stones slabs or screeds. Internally, a modern morphological organization of the spaces was chosen natural materials: wood on the floors, exposed wooden beams of the tiled roof, and orthomarbling in the baths. In general, the residences exude an understated, tailored luxury to the environment. As for the interventions-interventions in the surrounding area, they were done with particular modesty so as not to offend the olive tree. The access corridors with their steps were paved with cast garbilodema, the low formation walls are built with the same stone, o surrounding area of the pool was covered with a wooden deck, while its edges with local stones too. The new planting done mainly contributes to the organization of privacy of the houses, so that the image of an "untouched" and wild landscape prevails everywhere.

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